How To Ensure That Your Remote Employees Are Actually Working

If you operate a business where your employees work remotely, you need to trust that they are performing their tasks as expected. However, it may be challenging to track the remote workers’ activities without reliable data. The good news is that with today’s technology, there are different ways that you can use to make sure that the employees are doing their work. Read on to learn everything you want to know about how to ensure that your remote employees are working.

Set Measurable Goals

It is vital to set measurable goals that are also easy to achieve. You need to involve the workers in the goal-setting process, so they can also share the same vision of the company. Workers who are treated as important are productive. They are also determined to ensure that they attain short and long-term goals. It is essential to see if a worker can complete different tasks assigned to them. If some members are failing to meet their target goals, it means that you may need to make necessary changes. You can easily monitor the performance of remote employees if you set realistic and attainable goals. 

Workers will be more focused on their tasks if they know everything that is expected of them. Make the work simple and also set deadlines. Supervising employees who work remotely is not feasible. Therefore, talking to your employees is vital when you give them feedback and acknowledgment for completing their tasks. You must position yourself as an effective team leader who is ready to listen to the concerns of the members. Define all the processes that can help each member to meet their tasks. Without smart goals, your employees will be doomed.  

Track Productivity

For a purely digital company, it is possible to monitor the activities of each employee every minute. You can achieve this by using employee monitoring software that helps to track the time every employee spends doing different tasks online. For instance, with this software, it is possible to track the time spent by every worker doing productive work or browsing social media. The main advantage of this employee time tracking software is that it helps track the overall productivity of each worker. You can detect people who are doing unproductive things during work time. This will help you contact them directly and remind them to focus on their work. 

You can use the software to evaluate the overall performance of remote workers. If you realize that the majority of workers are not productive, you can discuss with them to address the issues. If the employees know that their activities will be monitored, they will put more effort to increase their productivity level. Even if someone is working in a distant area, they will turn into an active worker.

Schedule Check-ins

Check-ins provide you with real-time data about what each employee is doing at a specific time. For instance, all the workers must check-in their time for short breaks or any other activities that are not job-related. If you get this kind of system, you can track your workers and know what they are doing at any given time. You will also be able to use real data to ensure that all the employees are on track to finish their tasks. It is vital to check if employee productivity is consistent or fluctuates. Every worker needs to put more effort into their work.   

Allow Workers to Make Decisions

When employees work remotely, they rarely interact physically with the managers, who in most cases are decision-makers. However, there are chances that remote workers are likely to encounter some challenges in their job. Instead of waiting for the manager to solve the problems that may arise every time, it is good to give the employees the autonomy to make decisions that can affect their work. This will also motivate the workers to develop a sense of belonging to the organization if they are treated as valuable assets. They will put the optimum effort into their job if they are happy about the treatment they get.    

We are living in changing times that are affecting almost all facets of life. New technology has introduced a new concept of working remotely. With the COVID-19 global pandemic, remote working has spread to several sectors now. To ensure that the workers are paying attention to their work, it is crucial to set realistic goals. You also need to use remote employee monitoring software to track the activities of each individual. It is also a good idea to schedule check-ins and track productivity.

Game-Changing Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM Integration

Why Companies Compete Better with Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes for remarkable enterprise resource planning (ERP). Using such a tool, you can automate and manage all kinds of core operations including sales and stocks or accounting and purchasing. Then, a CRM like Salesforce helps you stay in touch with customers and stimulate sales according to trends, feedback, and records. When you choose NAV CRM integration for your company, the abilities multiply. 

Those who have never seen the impact of integration may wonder at first what makes the connection between siloed databases so powerful that they can propel business simply by sharing and replicating data. They may be used to the idea that integration is a costly, complicated, and inconsequential course of action for an in-house team. Nevertheless, the benefits show themselves when you turn to a partner for your integration solutions.

These benefits of integrating your Microsoft Dynamics NAV database with a CRM shine clearest with a third-party solution that cuts costs and downtime. When you’re familiar with its boosted productivity and empowered work, you can choose between your integration options. Then, entry errors, duplicate entries, missing items, and incomplete records will be resolved, permanently.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM integration helps leadership plot strategies, employees serve customers, and customers experience delight.

Cohesive data supports your strategy.

More than any other factor, the availability of the right data at the right time can make a decision. At the same time, a lack of information and a blindness to the trends in the numbers can spell disaster for an organization making important, tactical decisions. For leadership, making these decisions relies most on clarity and completeness. 

Siloed systems, unfortunately, have a short supply of any clarity or completeness. They contain errors that frustrate analysts and decision-makers; they require manual data entry that’s expensive; and, they ultimately don’t give the full view of what is going on in the business, throughout the market, or with the customer. The result, of course, is that leaders have to make choices based on their feelings about the action or strategy, causing a trial-and-error relationship with the industry.

By comparison, integration brings things into focus to clarify and correct your stored information and working databases. The outcome of this crystal-clear view of your business is a guiding hand as you make decisions and purposefully march toward success. You become backed by evidence and increase your chances of corporate success. Beyond this, you can cut away some of the difficulties involved in the process.

As you develop your next plan of action, you’ll no longer need to worry about jumping through hoops or struggling with access when you integrate. Too often, companies find themselves struggling with the forest of permissions, accounts, databases, and records. After integration, the process is smoother, simpler, and more successful by taking on a fresh structure and relationship between tools.

Pre-configuration streamlines processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and your existing CRM are designed to make the process of running an organization more manageable with fewer surprises. They help companies save money while leveraging automation, reports, and more. All of this steers the organization to shorter task completion times by liberating them from work that is better performed automatically or stored dynamically. 

Integration is the next stage in an organization’s quest for saving time, effort, and expense. After connecting tools like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and their CRM, companies cut labor wasted on manual data entry and duplication of records while bringing teams the data they need more readily. The process of running a business regains the coordination that makes employees and customers feel confident in the company. 

Cloud solutions secure data assets.

Threats and malicious attacks on your company are likely to increase as it scales, spending more time and money on preventing breaches and broken security events. Businesses of all kinds expend enormous resources in order to reduce the likelihood of losing sensitive data and customer information. 

While it combines and houses your data in centralized storage, integration also brings in an additional layer of protection against data threats. Third-party and cloud-based solutions like RapidiOnline bring the assurance that your data is housed under the watchfulness of some of the highest international security measures. More than this, you reduce the points of entry that open you to attack when you choose to integrate and center your databases.

Try NAV CRM Integration through RapidiOnline

Rapidi uses pre-configured, custom templates to help clients integrate and enmesh disparate databases into streamlined ecosystems. You can skip the downtime, bugs, and frustrations that come from in-house development by choosing them as an integration partner. Learn more about Rapidi’s solutions.

5 Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Workspace Productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity at work? Do you want to get more done in a day? If so, then it is time for you to make some changes to your office.

All the people who have succeeded in business know that office design and layout is one of the most important parts of it. It can help employees organize their work and make it easier to find things. However, not all companies understand how big of an impact this can have on their employees’ productivity. It can get tricky if your employees have to focus a lot of their time on finding which tasks to do. It might lead to difficulties in executing tasks and affect overall productivity. There are some task management tools that can help maximize productivity at work.

It’s not just about how much space you have, but about how you use it. In this lesson, we will explore some of the best office design tricks that will help increase your productivity at work.

1. Consider Your Layout

The most important thing to consider when designing your office is the layout. Company culture is deeply rooted in the office’s design. In order to create a positive, productive environment, it’s essential to have an office layout that employees are happy with.

The first step in deciding where your office should be is figuring out what type of business you’re operating and the amount of space you’ll need. Whether it’s a simple laptop setup or a large warehouse, the type of business will dictate what type of setup is needed. If you’re just starting up, then we recommend looking for an affordable place that has enough space for all your equipment and furniture. If you know exactly what kind of office space you want, then there are websites that can help provide these quotes from facilities.

2. Keep Things Comfortable

One of the most important things for your employees is a comfortable office space. To keep your employees happy, you should make sure they are comfortable in their work environment. It is important that they are protected from environmental factors that could impact their performance and productivity at work.

There are many factors that make a comfortable office space. Temperature, lighting, noise levels, proximity to coffee shops and lunch spots and more all need to be taken into account when you’re designing your office layout.

You can also increase work quality and employee happiness in your office without spending a ton of money. Here are some simple tweaks you can make around the office that will do just that:

  1. Keep the mood light with bright colors that suit your company culture
  2. Allow employees to listen to music, as it increases focus and productivity
  3. Offer food options for employees who need them
  4. Encourage breaks by giving them plenty of space for their lunch breaks or coffee breaks
  5. Set up a designated workspace for naps
  6. Offer ergonomic chairs and desks

3. The Psychology of Color

The colors that we design our office spaces with are not just for aesthetics; they can have a major effect on the productivity of our employees. For example, when the color blue is used, it stimulates employees and helps them focus. On the other hand, red stimulates people to move and be more active.

Studies show that people feel safer, more creative, and more productive when they are in an environment with warmer colors (like reds and oranges). For example, one study found that participants who were in a room painted in red were more productive than those who were in a room painted blue.

There are many ways to implement color into the workplace: changing the office colors, adding accent colors to certain furniture or objects, or painting the outside of the building.

4. Improve the Lighting

Improving the lighting in your office is one of the easiest things you can do to boost productivity. A study found that those who spent their entire day under artificial lights were twice as likely to experience depression and anxiety as those who had access to natural light all day long.

There are a number of ways you can do this, but most have a similar effect. You could move your desk to a room with more natural light, use lamps or soft light bulbs that mimic natural light, or by some form of daylighting system. The benefits of these changes are clear and well documented.

5. Nail Your Desk

The ergonomics of a workstation can dramatically affect your mood and productivity. Proper ergonomic setups are essential to long-term success in the workplace. A study by the Ergonomics Society found that over 30% of office workers experience lower back pain, while 25% experience neck pain. These adjustments can help alleviate some of these symptoms and make co-workers more comfortable in their workspace.

Employers should consider these quick ergonomic checks to make sure their employees are comfortable and not distracted by discomfort. You should have a desk set up that is appropriate for their needs and takes into account their body type. This includes height and depth adjustments, placement of monitors in the correct position, chair height and armrests if they use them, as well as adjusting monitor tilt angle to avoid glare from lights or windows.

Final Words

Effective workspace setup and organization can make all the difference to one’s productivity. The way that your workplace is set up could be affecting how productive you are on a day-to-day basis. Minimizing distractions and maximizing space can help increase workplace productivity.

If you have any concerns about this guide or have more ideas for a new space, feel free to comment below. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

What are the Best and Worst Value Property Renovations?

Pre-Sale Renovations: 3 That Add Value And 3 To Avoid

Selling your home is a lot of work, but the challenges that come with the process are more significant than that. No, on top of the work of packing and staging, finding an agent and organizing listings, in order to sell your home, you’ll likely need to make some improvements, a process that takes time and money and, most of all, understanding of the market.

Which improvements are worth the cost and which are ultimately money pits? Here’s the inside scoop on which improvements will attract buyers and which will cause your property to languish on the market.

Do: Perform Exterior Upgrades

When selling your home, you’ll likely hear a lot of buzz about curb appeal. This refers to the elements outside your home that make people want to stop and look more closely, and if you fail to factor in curb appeal, people may pass over your home without learning anything more about it.

Still, curb appeal is more than just tidying up the lawn and planting some flowers. It may have a functional role as well.

Unless replaced in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ll want to ensure your home’s roof has been restored, and siding replaced. These elements will make your home look better, but these are also reassuring repairs for potential buyers.

In fact, these upgrades are so desirable that roof repairs are known to recoup 100% or more of the cost that went into them.

Do not: Go Bright and Bold

It’s fine to paint your bedroom teal, wallpaper your bathroom, or add creative tile stylings to your kitchen when you plan to stay in your home for a long time, but these types of features are a no-go when you’re preparing to sell.

Bold colors and unusual design choices do not just turn off buyers who do not want to deal with changing the entire home’s design, but it makes it harder for people to imagine themselves in the home in the first place.

Sure, you might luck into a buyer who loves your personal style, but in most cases, you’ll lose money when your home is styled in this way. Instead, where possible, spruce up your home with neutral-colored paints and other basic styling choices that will attract a wider array of potential buyers.

Do: Light it Right

Both in terms of day-to-day function and in regards to the specific process of selling your home, lighting is critical. In fact, your real estate agent will probably bring in special lighting when they photograph your home to ensure that it looks its best, but that lighting won’t be there when potential buyers actually do a walk-through.

With that in mind, there are a handful of lighting upgrades you can make that will make your home more appealing.

According to The Kay-Grant Group, before you put your home on the market, you’ll want to replace light bulbs, add additional lighting in dim rooms, and consider changing some of your lighting fixtures to make them more modern. You should also pay attention to any curtains or blinds in the home; make sure they’re clean and tidy and draw them back before showings to maximize the natural light in the space.

Do not: Invest in Luxury Appliances

Not that many years ago, people became very interested in creating high-end kitchen environments, including fancy appliances, marble countertops, islands, and a variety of special features, and this trend is on the rise again because of how much more people cooked during the pandemic. Unfortunately, luxury kitchens – and other rooms like bathrooms – cost a lot of money to design and outfit, and interest in them is relatively limited.

It just doesn’t make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars installing luxury appliances when most people only want or need the basics, so if your kitchen or bathroom needs an upgrade, stick to standard choices. Luxury appliances do not make back their cost on sale when your home goes to market, or anything close to it. And, similarly to other niche renovations like the quirky colors and styles highlighted above, the majority may even drive away buyers by making the property seem cumbersome rather than desirable.

Do: Doll Up Your Doorways

Much like roofing upgrades, replacing your exterior doors and even your garage door can make your home more appealing and is quite inexpensive to do. You might also consider replacing interior doors, or at least changing out the doorknobs for newer styles, or applying a fresh coat of paint.

When upgrading your entryways, one door you should particularly pay attention to is your storm door. These lightweight exterior doorways tend to get warped and damaged easily because they’re typically made of aluminum, and the closures can be fussy.

Replacing your storm door won’t cost much but it will remove a little friction from your entryway while making your home look nicer.

Do not: Eliminate Bedrooms

With so many people working from home recently, we’ve all been setting up shop wherever possible. If you’re preparing to move, then, it can be tempting to offer a home office as a kind of upgrade, but that’s a bad idea if it means sacrificing a bedroom.

Not only will you need to make some substantial changes, like adding extra outlets, but people will happily welcome an extra bedroom even as a guest room or see that spare room as multi-purpose if they do not need it. On the other hand, for those who do need the bedroom, having to switch the space back from an office can seem inconvenient and cause them to ditch your property for other options.

Depending on the state of the market, any renovation can be risky, and the majority of home upgrades won’t make back their full cost when your house hits the market, but not making any improvements is an even dicier move.

After all, your home needs to look nice if you hope to sell. Some improvements are necessary, but they need to be judicious. With a little research under your belt, though, you’ll be able to make wise choices and get your home ready to sell.

Can your Employees Spy on you using AirTag or Tile Pro

The world constantly shifting and technologically advanced devices are helping us do our daily activities more conveniently. This comes as a cost to privacy. AirTag and Tile Pro belong to such technological advancements that help in keeping track of our important items, such as wallets, keys, bags, etc. But just like vulnerabilities in other technologies, there is a perspective that these gadgets owing to their small size, can also be used to spy on other people, just like your employees spying on you. So, how true is this narrative, and if it exists, then what are possible ways to avoid it? This blog will help you clarify this concern. So, let’s get started.

AirTag and its Security Measures

Apple has recently launched AirTag on April 30 and presents it as a cost-effective and attractive small-size tracking equipment. AirTag gets linked with your Apple device and then can be placed on any item that you want to keep tracking.

What if you lose your AirTag?

Once you lose the AirTag, you can use the “Find My” app to find it. If it is under the Bluetooth connectivity range, it will generate the sound so that you can find it. If it is not in Bluetooth range, then billion of Apple devices are here to rescue. For example, if you lost your item in the bar and turned on the lost mode when you came back home, then the other Apple devices such as iPhones near to your AirTag will sense it, and the app will notify you about the location.

What if you find a lost AirTag?

If you find an AirTag on the roadside, then you can help the original owner to get it back. To do that, bring the AirTag close to your iPhone or Android phone (NFC-enabled) with the white side of the AirTag facing you. As AirTag includes an NFC chip, so it will take you to the web page that contains the data of the AirTag with its serial number. In case the original owner has set that AirTag in the lost mode, then you will probably see the message and contact details. This way, you can reach out to the owner and help him/her get it back.

Are there any Security Concerns with AirTag?

Yes, AirTag does have security concerns that can be exploited to spy on someone else. Although Apple has tried its best to reduce the possibility of its unethical use, there still exist ways to exploit it. All demands on what mobile operating system the targeted person is using. For example, if you are using an Android device, then you won’t get immediate notification if some unknown AirTag is present in your belongings.

Apple claims that an AirTag left away from its linked device for three days will start generating sound. This means that you will only get a chance to know about the existence of an unknown AirTag once three days have passed. During this time, the spying person can declare its AirTag lost and use the help of the Apple community to continuously get updates on where it is being carried with you. In case you own an iPhone, then chances of getting tracked are minimal, as you will get notification of an unknown AirTag near you. In a nutshell, your employees have the chance to spy on you for a short time frame using AirTag if you own an Android device.

Tile Pro and its Security Measures

Tile trackers are not the new product in the market. They have been in the market for years and are considered the leaders in this sector. Tile Pro functionality is a bit similar to AirTag. You get the app that links your Tile Pro and can be used to track it.

What if you lose your Tile Pro?

In case you lose your Tile Pro, you can use the app to turn on the lost mode. If it’s within the connectivity range, it will start generating sound. In case if it’s not in the range, then the big Tile community will help you in finding its last known location, just like the AirTag Apple community. But since Apple has billions of users, so it’s more effective in finding lost AirTag.

Are there any Security Concerns with Tile Pro?

Tile Pro is a much older product compared to AirTag, so it does not provide enhanced security practice as seen with AirTag. In case your employee slips a Tile Pro in your stuff, then there is no three days later buzzing or notification possibility that can help you locate that Tile Pro. The spying person can declare that Tile Pro lost and use the Tile community to keep getting your location updates. The only plus point with Tile Pro is its size. The size of Tile Pro is a bit larger than AirTag, so the chances of its visibility in your stuff are greater.

What to do to avoid getting tracked by Others via AirTag or Tile Pro

It is clear that there are chances of getting tracked via AirTag or Tile Pro, but there are some measures that can reduce such chances. So, if you expect to be get tracked, then the following two measures might keep you on the safe side:

  1. Make sure you are aware of what’s in your belongings because you can find AirTag or Tile Pro if someone has hiddenly put it in your stuff.
  2. Pay attention to the buzzing sound AirTag might be generating. Because once the three days are passed, it generates the sound to let the other person know about it.

Wrapping Up

New tech developments, especially from big tech giants, open up huge debates about their pros and cons. The same is being done for AirTag, while it’s also getting compared with Tile Pro and other similar products. But it is right to debate about security concerns associated with such tracking gadgets because that matters a lot in present times.

From the above discussion, it is true your employees have the chance to spy on you using AirTag or Tile Pro for a short period, but that cannot last for long and can be detected in minimal time. Here AirTag leads the competitors, as it has made more efforts to reduce such unethical practices. We live in a world full of decreasing privacy. Stay safe and keep a low profile.

Personal Qualities Section in a Resume Summary. What to Write?

What do you write in the “Personal qualities” section of your resume, and how seriously do you approach the filling of this particular section? It is possible that the qualities you point to are indeed your key benefits. But before you send your resume next time to your employer, make sure it doesn’t list the same as hundreds of other resumes.

Finding out what others are writing is very easy. On the job site, look in the “Resume” section, and not in the usual “Vacancies”. According to the observations of employees of HR services, about 90% of applicants write the same thing about personal qualities – based on what the employer wants to see in the applicant for the position. In addition, when many people say that they are executive, proactive, have excellent communication skills, a kind of devaluation occurs, and employers stop taking this section of the resume seriously. You can trust resume writing services to do this.

So What Should You Write?

The main thing is not to try to excel just to get attention. The list of personal qualities-advantages should:

a) reflect the characteristics of your character and style of work, which you consider to be your strengths;

b) take into account the specifics of the vacancy. For example, honesty is important for the cashier, attentiveness for the air traffic controller, and for the sales manager the ability to tell about the product so that there is a line for it.

What Qualities can be Noted as Strengths in the Resume?

Systems thinking

We mean by this the ability to see the situation as a whole, to understand what link you, as a specialist, occupy in the general process of production or sale of goods and services. And this is important not only for people applying for leadership positions. It is also useful for the seller to understand what customer demand is and why promotions are held. Systems thinking allows you to make more informed decisions, see the future, be able to determine priorities when making decisions.

Ability to maintain high productivity throughout the working day

It is important for an employer to understand that you radiate energy not only in the morning after a cup of coffee, and not only when you have a brilliant idea. Much more important is consistently high labor productivity, which does not fall after stressful situations or too nourishing lunch.

Ability to adequately perceive criticism and respond to it

This is actually an important quality, and the employer will appreciate if you really have it. The workflow is much more productive if you can listen to criticism and learn from it.

High concentration of attention and the ability not to be distracted by personal affairs during the working day

The employer is unlikely to make the employee happy with the bonus, who now and then speaks with family members on a cell phone or tweets and posts on social networks. Emphasize that at work you are only doing work – and you will benefit.

Ability to provide information (proposals, reports, results of analytical work) in an accessible and visual form.

The leader has to look through many sources of information, and how much information is presented in them determines how much time the leader will spend to study the material and see the “grain” in it. Therefore, the ability to present information, to present it in a structured manner, without “water”, using diagrams, pictures is an absolute advantage.


Do a little self-analysis and look for the answer to the question: «How do I compare favorably with the specialists of my profile? What special qualities do I have?» Writing a resume, and let it work for a successful job search!

7 Fantastically Beautiful Schools in the World

School is not just walls. However, you must admit that I would like to study at a school with large windows, spacious classrooms and an unusual design. It is important to not only gain knowledge, write essays with an essay editor, or get grades. School is the foundation of outlook and communication with the outside world.

We have collected 7 schools – works of architectural thought. I want to come to them every day and even stay a little longer after lessons.

1. Denmark, Ørestad High School

Urban spacious gymnasium in a developing area of Copenhagen, where children from 15 to 20 years old study. The main principle of the school is the absence of classes and the openness of space. Schoolchildren study the humanities, art, media communications here. The heart of the building is a staircase, along which each student walks 5-6 times a day, a place of communication and new acquaintances. Despite the fact that there are no classes, the whole space consists of cozy small corners where lessons are held. Here you can always find a quiet place to do your homework or work on a project in a group.

2. France, Marcel Sembat High School

In France, “green” schools appear in different cities, which organically fit into the surrounding nature. The Sembat High School in Marseille specializes in technical education, training future engineers and mechanics. And when the school needed space for workshops, the municipality provided the school with a part of the park where the damaged houses stood. The houses were demolished and the new school building was designed to naturally blend in with its soft lines and slopes with the physical features of the park. In addition, according to the idea of ​​the architects, the green roof slopes resemble the body lines of retro cars.

3. China, ChiCheng No.2 Primary School

In Chinese cities, in general, there is an acute issue with the lack of land for the construction of schools. The architects decided to save space and build a sports stadium, consisting of a basketball court and a 200 m long running track, on the roof of the building. Thanks to this unusual architectural solution, there was no need to increase the number of floors and reduce the classrooms inside the school. The stadium at the top is fenced off with three levels of fence, so everything is safe. The project has turned from a unique to a typical one, now in China more and more schools are being built with stadiums on the roofs.

4. USA, Centerview Elementary School

Another example of school openness and flexible planning. This school in Blaine, Minnesota, was invented by the teachers themselves. And they got very creative with the design process. The walls separating the classroom and the public space can be folded and unfolded at the request of the teacher. Between different parts of the school, you can walk, or crawl, or crawl through tunnels of different sizes. All school furniture can be easily moved as it is on casters. A wide creative space is located in the center of the school, where an assembly hall, a cinema and a library are combined. It is pleasant to gain knowledge in such an atmosphere. Moreover, will help you with some difficulties in writing works.

5. Russia, Khoroshkola

Russia, Moscow, there is also something to brag about. In 2017, in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, a large, light high-tech school was built, where for each student there is 3 times more usable space than in ordinary schools. Inside, there is not only a swimming pool and open public spaces, but also equipped laboratories for various objects: an experimentarium, a megalaboratory, a fab laboratory, a culinary. And yes, there are glass walls and furniture on wheels here too.

6. Indonesia, Green School

Bali is warm, so the school doesn’t need external walls at all. The principle of space openness has been brought to its logical conclusion here. During the construction of the school, 95% natural materials were used – bamboo, local grass and traditional clay walls. The school receives electricity from solar panels and micro-hydroelectric power plants. The children are taken to school by buses running on biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oils. Everything here is very environmentally friendly, although schoolchildren have Internet and computers.

7. Russia, Point of the Future

In 2020, a modern school opened in the suburbs of Irkutsk – “Point of the Future”, a charitable project of a Russian businessman. It includes a kindergarten, junior, middle and high school. According to the project, the school will accommodate 1000 schoolchildren, including children from foster families, who will live in the boarding house. Russian and Danish architects (CEBRA company) worked on the creation of the school. 627 children entered the school this year.

The school meets the principle of open and flexible space, there are several public spaces with different designs, transparent classrooms with free seating, Finnish transformable furniture, and workshops for a variety of creative activities: from a choreographic class to a pottery workshop. Schools seem to be changing for the better. Perhaps the design will come to our native schools as well.

iPad Mockup: Vital Things You Should Know

To showcase how great your product designs are, you need to use one of the best presentation tools – mockups. There are things that you need to know why using a mockup is highly recommended by experts. Of course, your main goal is to have a product design that can capture the interest of potential customers. Providing the best solution to the audience is important for your startup or existing venture to prosper.

Creating a website and/or mobile app is significant for your business to shine. That is why you have to consider using an iPad mockup. This mockup has been tested by its users as effective in showcasing the design for the purpose of getting the feedback and comments of the target users. Your brand can stand out when your offers are accepted by the potential market. For this reason, you need to recognize the importance of iPad mockups.

Read more details here:

Selling your products to potential customers is not easy. You should convince them that what you’ve got is the right solution for them. That is why it is a must to have a perfect product for the target users. Realizing this objective requires you to observe a certain approach. Using a mockup is perfect in this sense. Why? This is a proven tool that you can utilize to get the impression of the target customers. Scheduling a product idea presentation is one of the basic requirements you have to abide by for your business to be recognized as a top solution provider on the market.

Instead of bringing with you an actual product, you can use a mockup design to portray how beneficial and functional a certain design is. For instance, you need to have a website to display the content regarding your product. The website structure needs to be polished before the web designer and developer will finalize the output. To have a well-polished website information architecture and structure, all you need is an iPad mockup template.

iPad mockup templates

Did you know that there are free-to-use and subject-for-subscription iPad templates nowadays? If you are worried because you don’t have the technical know-how about codes, you should rejoice because even the unthinkable is now made available for grab. Meaning, you don’t need to worry about having no knowledge of coding. You can look for ready-to-download and ready-to-use mockup design templates on the web today.

Those free mockup templates are created and made available for every business organization to try to use. Boosting the performance of your business is definitely easy with the help of a free mockup provider.

According to Ramotion, “This is the main reason why companies like ours exist. We want to help business people have the great opportunity of hitting their goals and objectives. We know the importance of mockups. That is why our own website serves as an extensive online library where business entities can get their free mockup designs and templates.

With the available iPad mockup templates nowadays, you can have a wonderful chance of hitting the so-called competitive edge. Take note that it is important for your brand to compete strongly. Your business can only stand out from the rest of the crowd when you have the right product for the audience. Definitely, you badly need an iPad mockup. Beating the competitors is possible when you are using the best mockup ever. It is a great tool to get and gather the impressions and perceptions of the audience. Once you have the right mockup, chances are, your business will become strongly competitive.

Photorealistic Presentations

With the right mockups, you can present your business-related designs in a photorealistic manner. Do you see how essential it is? Yes, it is really vital to have a tool which can help you in showcasing and portraying your photorealistic designs. Good news because the availability of a mockup design is great for this purpose. Choosing the right iPad mockup template is highly suggested because it can work to help you have the right product in the end.

The design of your conceptualized product needs to be polished well. Otherwise, you are going to lose the full potential of your business to stand out. Photorealistic presentations are what you basically need for you to have the right foundation. What is the bottom line? Simply put, you should have presentation material that can help you reach your goals and objectives. As a business organization, you should have a well-polished and greatly-refined product design. This is the best way towards the achievement of great and favorable results.

All you need is an image design to be placed on the template. You don’t need to possess and apply high-level technical knowledge. If you are not a tech-savvy person, then there is no problem. Why? All you need is a perfect mockup which can help your business achieve the results you ever wanted. You have to determine the right perspective vis-a-vis your goal to have a perfect and suitable product design. At the end of the day, you should be using an iPad mockup design for the purpose of improving your own concepts.

A user-focused product design is what will bring your business to the pedestal of success. This is quite true. That is why you are advised to look for a mockup provider. Through a perfect mockup template, you can present your product design in a photorealistic way. This is a significant approach for you to hit your main goal which is to attract your potential customers. The identity level of your brand will increase dramatically granting that you can offer what is best and right for the audience.

Easy-to-Create Mockups

It’s discussed above that there is nothing to worry regarding mockup design and development. Why? Because there are iPad mockup templates which can be downloaded and used easily these days. There are drag-and-drop templates on the web at present. All you need is to find one which can make your business website, mobile app, and other digital products more enticing and more engaging. Attracting the customers is never easy but you can have the chance to realize this goal when you are using the right mockup template and design.

What you should look for are templates and designs in Sketch or PNG. Then, you need to try the mockup designs which are given for free. Even if they are free, it does not mean that their quality is inferior. You can have the great opportunity of producing a perfect mockup design even through using a free mockup design. That’s it! Thus, you have to look for a source of an iPad mockup design. This way, there can be a higher chance of beating your competitors.

The main objective to hit is to lure the potential customers that your brand does have the right product. You cannot produce the right product in the absence of a perfect mockup. This is a rule of thumb which you need to follow. Not following this rule can compromise your business future. Of course, you want to have an excellent business performance. This is the simple reason why you should look for a source of easy-to-create iPad mockups. Having one today can really make your business highly profitable.

It is more advantageous if you have basic knowledge or skill sets related to Adobe Photoshop and/or Sketch. Framing and finalizing your mockup design can be a bit easy when you have such skill sets. However, it does not mean that when you do not have such skills, you cannot create your own mockup. Point is, there is still a chance so long as a drag-and-drop mockup template is extracted from a legitimate source. Then, try to have a mockup generator tool where you can place your own design with the help of a blank mockup template.


Do you think it is easy to convince people that what you’ve got is perfect for them? Definitely not easy! What you need is a right and legit source of a world-class mockup design. A template that is relevantly perfect is what you need for you to test the water. Using a mockup is like testing the water. It is done to ensure that you can have the right product for the audience in the end. Pleasing your customers is absolutely necessary for the purpose of bringing your business to the top.

Being strongly competitive is a subtle thing to realize but doable. How to achieve this? You clearly need a presentation tool that can help your business have the right products. In this case, it’s an iPad mockup that is suggested. Just look for the right source of a professional and world-class mockup. This way, you can make your business profitable.

Look for the right mockup design agency today!

Why Use a Mobile Application for Your Printing Needs?

The world is getting more digitalized every day. Many new things are getting introduced to business owners to make their business operations more manageable than ever. Right now, everyone is looking forward to getting all the services in the palm of their hands. That is how phone applications are getting popular. 

Luckily printing promotional materials is also possible through mobile. With the GotPrint mobile app, you don’t need any third-party printing app to print your marketing materials after designing. You can create your product and send it for printing while being on the same wi-fi network.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Must Download the GotPrint Mobile App if You have not Done it Yet

1. It is Easy to Use

If you have been printing marketing materials for your business, you know all the steps involved. 

  • You need to find a designer who can design your marketing collaterals the way you prefer.
  • Later, you need to find a printing service provider who can print them. 

Sometimes you might find both under one roof but trust me, it is not that easy—most of the time, businesses either compromise in their design or quality of print.

The GotPrint mobile application allows you to design your products yourself. You can also check the product specifications, paper stock and materials, pricing, and all the elements you need to consider before printing your marketing materials. You can compare many products before you choose the best option as per your printing needs.

The app has a straightforward design so that you can use it without any prior knowledge of designing.

2. It is Cost-Effective

With the GotPrint mobile app, you can design and order your marketing materials from a single application. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for different services to get your marketing materials ready. The user-friendly design of the application and the tools allow the customers to create quick designs from scratch using GotPrint’s library. Additionally, you can add images or elements from your photo library.

3. It is Time Saving

Be honest and tell me how much time it took when you printed your business cards or yard signs the last time? When you order traditionally from a printing service, you become a part of their predominant cycle. And you end up spending more time than usual in the process of printing your marketing collaterals.

Using the GotPrint mobile application is time-saving as you can upload a ready-to-print design on the go. Or, if you wish to design your product, you can do that right away from your phone. You can choose orientation, sizes, and paper stock within a few minutes, all in the palm of your hands. Plus, you can order your prints directly on your phone through the application.

GotPrint Mobile App Details

The signup and checkout process is also accessible in the application. Create your account by filling out a few required information, and you are all set to design and order everything you desire.

Your billing address and preferred credit card information will be preselected on the app for a quick and hassle-free experience in the future.

Isn’t it amazing how a printing application can completely change the way you order and design your prints? Indeed, it is!

Using a mobile application makes your life a lot easier. If you haven’t downloaded the GotPrint mobile application yet, you can download it here. There is another piece of great news for you. If you are a new customer and want to check with GotPrint’s paper and material offerings, you can order a free sample kit directly from the app that includes an impressive variety of paper and material offerings to choose from. What are you waiting for? Download the app and get started.

Why You Need a Fat Pocket to Own DGT Boards

Are you looking forward to up your chess experience? Becoming a chess champion is the dream of every player. You want to beat every opponent you encounter both physically and online. However, this is impossible without the right gears and devices.

A DGT board is one of the essential devices in the chess game. These smart boards feature unique designs and tech that enhance how you play chess and outsmart your opponents. The board enables you to record and store your moves. Any chess coach will recommend you to get one.

But one thing is clear. The DGT boards are not affordable. Only a few players can afford to own one due to their expensive price. But why are they so expensive? Here are some possible reasons why you will need a thick pocket to buy one:

DGT is a monopoly 

If you understand economics, you know about monopolies. But for better understanding, a monopoly is a firm without a worthy competitor. This means that it is the only supplier of the product in the market.

This aspect applies to DGT. It is the only company capable of making and selling electronic chess sets. No other company can match their board and chess pieces. With this freedom, they have the power to charge customers what they feel is the right price for the device. So, DGT determines the board prices depending on their profit targets and other organizational goals.   

Powerful features and functionalities 

Although they are a monopoly, DGT is not out there to only make money. They design products that are worthy of the high prices. The DGT boards have great features and functionalities that will transform your chess-playing experience. The board helps you to record, store, and retrieve your moves for real-time analysis.

You can use it to play virtually with computer software. Also, it allows you to play against an online opponent. If you have fans or friends, the board comes with a live broadcasting feature. This aspect helps you to relay the games via the internet or audio-visual devices.  Other features include tutor mode, high accuracy, and powerful sensor power. 

With such features and functionalities, you will need to pay more to enjoy their benefits. 

Unique operational and connectivity technology

The DGT boards are not just parts for playing chess but they are transformational devices. The manufacturer fits them with power and unique technology that changes the way you play chess. First, it comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You can decide on the best connection option depending on your luxury needs.

Also, the board has powerful sensors with a speed of 6 scans per second. This aspect ensures that no moves will go unnoticed. Again, each chess piece features a unique chip for easy electronic recognition.   

In addition, the board has a LED indicator that shows your opponent’s moves. You can connect it with DGT Pi for playing on the go. All these luxurious and smart features will require you to dig deep in your pocket to get these devices.

High-quality and sturdy construction

Features and tech are not the only DGT boards selling points. Its construction also contributes to the high price. These boards are products of high-quality materials and skilled workmanship. Most of the boards feature luxury-oriented wooden material such as rosewood. The manufacturer has a strict material selection to ensure what they offer is durable and sturdy.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the DGT boards are not like any other piece. They employ both crafting and technological innovation to enhance the chess experience. Though the price appears to be high, the features and their quality are worth it.