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How to put your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your Windows Wallpaper

Today's Calendar on your Windows Wallpaper using DejaDesktop App for macOS and Windows

October 04, 2017, 19:39 GMT

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2017 / -- Part of my business productivity comes from having my time well structured. While I have meetings here and there, most of my work is heads-down. It is not uncommon for me to miss an important phone call simply because I was working right in front of the phone.

What helps me now, is having my Outlook Calendar on my Windows wallpaper. First thing in the morning, I can see how my day will flow. DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper can do that. It is a PC and Mac app that can move Outlook’s Calendar and Contacts to your Windows and Mac screen backdrop. Every day, when you first look at your PC, you will see your updated agenda.

“Twenty years ago, before lived on my PC, I used a big desktop paper blotter,” says Wayland Bruns, designer of DejaDesktop. “I knew what I had to do each day, because it was on my desk before I started working. With Outlook, I cannot see my schedule until Outlook is open. The alarm is supposed to ring, but sometimes it doesn’t get set. It is easier for me to have a constant view of my week on my Windows backdrop so I can see important events coming up. I also plan events in advance, so the look-ahead year view makes it easy to see when dates fall in coming months.”

DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper is free if you just need the month view with the look-ahead months. There is a two-week trial for the Outlook and Google data feeds. The software works by keeping your current schedule on your local PC, and it burns the day’s calendar into your desktop background. It will automatically update whenever you change your Calendar.

DejaDesktop can also show key contacts, and your task list. This is handy to have a bit of information that you are constantly searching for, always available on your wallpaper. “I have one person I call weekly,” says Bruns. “I have him bookmarked on my cell phone, but I need to dial from my desk phone because it is a business call. It takes three screen taps to bring it up. Having it on my wallpaper means I know right where it is when I dial.”

The data feed for Outlook is a one-time purchase. You can buy it for one computer for $29.95. For three computers, you get a discount for $49.95. This is a lifetime-license with no subscription or renewal fees. DejaDesktop is created by CompanionLink Software, a leader in synchronization tools. CompanionLink is based in the US and offers free technical support for its products. For more information see

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