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Google Account Privacy

CompanionLink Permissions for Google OAuth

    The following permissions are used when you set up CompanionLink on your PC or Mac, and also if you choose to use a DejaCloud Connector.

  • View your email address - Your email address is needed to synchronize your data with Google.
  • View your basic profile info - We need read your time zone and alarm settings.
  • Manage your Calendars - If you elect to synchronize your calendar, we will read and update events on your calendar.
  • Manage your Contacts - If you elect to synchronize your contacts, we will read and update contacts on Google.
  • Manage your Tasks - If you elect to synchronize tasks, we will read and update tasks on Google.
Allowing your consent allows us to synchronize Contacts, Calendar and Tasks to your Google Account.

CompanionLink Optional Permissions for Google OAuth

  • Access Google Drive - If you enable Attachment Sync for Google Calendar, you must Allow Access to Google Drive to sync Attachments.

CompanionLink does not use Google Workspace APIs to develop, improve, or train generalized AI and/or ML models.

CompanionLink has Security procedures in place to protect the confidentiality of your data, we do not store any user information outside of your PC for Google Syncs.

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Last modified: Jun 25, 2024 12:22 pm