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CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Sep 27, 2023
Top notch | By Judd D
I started I don't even know how many years ago with Deja for Palm. I loved my Palm and was native to its CRM. It was working fine through Windows 10 but I had a little hiccup moving to Windows 11. When I called support Tiffany was amazing. I received some great recommendations and decided instead of updating to the latest Deja Palm version to move to Deja Standalone CRM. Tiffany stayed on the call with me to ease my transition and guided me on how to get it synced and setup for the first time. Thank you for the great product and support!
Technical Support - Sep 20, 2023
Tech Support Sucks | By Brian W
When you call, they say if the hold extends to more than 5 minutes to leave a message and they will get back with you. The first time after less than 3 minutes it asked me to leave a message. I did and they sent instructions that did not work. Every call after that was the same, after less than three minutes they want you to leave a message.

Please accept our apology - when we called you back you did not answer and that is why we sent an email. Happy to hear we connected later and resolved your issue within a couple hours.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 18, 2023
Consistently OUTSTANDING Service, Performance | By Ann G.
I am so impressed with the OUTSTANDING customer support I have received from CompanionLink, not to mention how pleased I am with how the programs perform seamlessly. Wayland has helped me a few times, and, like the rest of the team, is absolutely AWESOME. Finding a company whose support is this consistently good is hard, not to mention the flawless performance of their programs. I am so happy that I found CompanionLink.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 16, 2023
Great for 10+years until I went to iPhone | By Barbara
I just upgraded my CompanionLink -- its been great. But its not the same experience using it with iPhone. The appointment alarms that I came to rely on are now gone because the alarm settings and sounds are poor and barely audiable. All was so perfect with my Android, but I needed the iPhone for car navigation. This works poorly with iPhone, in my opinion. Very disappointed.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Sep 15, 2023
Great Product and great Technical Staff. | By Stephen M
I have been using DejaOffice PC CRM for about two years and have found it to be very user friendly, and I am quite happy and satisfied with the product. It is also a pleasure communicating with the company because I found its Technical Staff to be ready and willing to assist with any concern that the customer may raise with them. Their Technical Staff Nathan, Thomas M., and Tiffany D. have provided valuable and professional help including updated release and debugging. I would recommend CompanionLink and DejaOffice PC CRM without hesitation. Great Product, great company, and great technical staff.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 10, 2023
CompanionLink just works! | By Pete S
I've used CompanionLink for Outlook for what seems like a decade now and for synchronization of CompanionLink for Android with Outlook running on my Windows PC it's great and has been flawless, even with over 3000 calendar entries and 400 contacts.
DejaCloud - Jun 6, 2023
CompanionLink/Deja Cloud | By Diane B
Deja Cloud/Companion Link is the Best and User Friendly software that I have ever used.
Not only is it a great value for the money but most importantly, The people and the technical support are the best--and the product is very user friendly.

I have used this software for my recruiting business for more than 15 years and would not even think about switching to another software product.

5 Star for the product and for the people that work there!!

DejaDesktop for Windows - May 26, 2023
Best value I've seen for PC CRM & phone sync | By Jay G
Deja Office is well designed and easy to learn and use. It automatically read my ACT contacts, calendar, AND history just fine, and I smoothly transitioned out of the good but overpriced ACT software I had used for 30 years. I sync my Windows PC Deja Office to Companionlink on an iPhone using WiFi sync -- works well! The new Dashboard feature for a quick look at your day/week calendar, tasks, and upcoming contact commitments is great! Having used Deja now for about 7 months, I don't miss ACT at all, and I've had no serious issues. This software is unbeatable when you look at the great feature set for a very reasonable price.
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 9, 2023
Wasted 1 Week Going In Circles Via Email... | By Nick G
Tiffany tried to help me via email but this option for tech support, especially for computer issues isn't always practical. I went in circles with her for a week and got nowhere and she clearly didn't understand my problem even after sending her screenshots. I finally got a call back 1 week later ONLY because I specifically asked for a supervisor. I was able to fix my problem myself btw but wasted 1 week doing it. A simple phone call from the beginning would have saved us all a lot of time.

P.S. if you do run into issues, try to reach Nathan (their Senior Tech Support) who is nice and professional and will fix your issue quickly b/c he's one of the few who knows what he's doing.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 17, 2023
Tiffany Rocks | By Steve
Tiffany helped me work through a problem with sync - she was great!