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CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 5, 2020
THE Leader in Sync & Support | By HerbD
I've been with CompanionLink software from early on, back before Smart Phones were smart.

On every upgrade to my PC or Laptop Computer, CompanionLink Technical Support has been there for me to guide me through the new Outlook setup features. MS Outlook seems to improve in complexity and complications on every release. The Support Staff are the best in helping with the new system syncs.

Thanks CompanionLink
Technical Support - Jul 31, 2020
Renee was great | By William Yohe
I had called prior and the tech could not figure out why my new IPhone wand PC and Cloud were not sync’ing. It took Renee about 10 minutes to rectify the problem. She was professional, courteous and had a good sense of humor. She is a great compliment to your technical staff and I really appreciated her help. Thanks Renee
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 28, 2020
Contacts not syncing | By Doug T
I left a VM on a weekend, and Renee promptly called me back on a Monday morning. She immediately understood the problem and took me to some settings that solved the problem, and also cleaned up the sync.
Renee was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful and greatly appreciated.

CompanionLink runs fine and no other software syncs Outlook to a phone.

Highly recommended.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 28, 2020
3 Way Sync | By Andrew F
I recently upgraded from an earlier version and didn't realize that I was no longer 3 way syncing (between gmail and outlook and my IPhone). Renee C in technical support walked me through this in no time which gives me the confidence when I am out at clients and make a new appointment that my staff will no about it.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Google - Jul 23, 2020
zpsfxmffgf | By James
Muchas gracias.
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Jul 23, 2020
May be as good as my dear old Palm! | By Lyndia D
CompanionLink was a godsend years ago when the new Win10 would not run Palm Desktop and I had to move to an alternate handheld/database/sync. Just under a year ago I tested DejaOffice PC CRM but did not find all the functionality I needed yet to replace Outlook. Since then the CompanionLink team has built in pretty much all the pieces I had to have, so now I am fully transitioned to DPC. Between DejaOffice on my handhelds, CompanionLink and DejaOffice PC CRM on my PC, this feels like my dear old Palm Desktop now, with many improved features. Well Done!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 14, 2020
Help with incomplete sync | By Ira E
As usual, CompanionLink's support was quick and accurate. I had a problem with an incomplete sync. Renee diagnosed the problem, and provided instructions on how to fix it, including an upgrade that I didn't know I was entitled to.

CL's in-app support request is, I think, one key to its ability to provide top-grade support. It allows an easy link to the app's log, which I'm sure is used by the techs to diagnose issues.

Keep up the good work!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 9, 2020
Companionlink Wireless Sync | By Mia T.
I really appreciate Renee's support. I was having trouble with wireless sync, and she provided instructions and links for multiple things to try, and the first thing she provided worked. If she hadn't provided such detail and a link for step-by-step instructions, I wouldn't have been able to resolve it so quickly. Thank you Renee C!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 8, 2020
Renee - Support | By Michael S.
What I look for in a company that I purchase a product is the level and consistency of their product support. In Renee, they have fulfilled that promise. I have confidence that as the product evolves and I might incur a "problem", Renee will be the one that I will call on to assist me. She is efficient, knowledgeable and follows-up - somethings that not all companies do. Well Done!
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Jul 7, 2020
Outstanding support. | By Calvin K
My issue was resolved well. After only one request, I was given the best of service by Renee. Please thank her for me. ~Rev. Calvin Kemper