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DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 11, 2016
Great | By John C.
Been using it for years
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 10, 2016
Gets,the job done effectively and accurately | By Thomas L.
Gets,the job done effectively and accurately
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 9, 2016
Great App Great Support | By Sandy Oates
Great App Great Support
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 9, 2016
- By John B.
For me, this is an effective, incomparable and indispensable app. So glad I discovered it. Well worth the money.
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 7, 2016
Wonderful App | By Bob C.
Wonderful App
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 6, 2016
Great app | By Michael R
Great app
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 5, 2016
Excellent replacement for MS Outlook | By Bona S.
Excellent replacement for MS Outlook
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 3, 2016
Great calendar app for Mac Outlook | By Hong H.
Great calendar app for Mac Outlook
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 2, 2016
Works for me. | By John B
Works for me.
Technical Support - Jan 18, 2016
Danielle did an outstanding job | By John M.
She was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and totally took care of the challenges I was facing following a computer crash and reinstall of software. She also was very open (which I find to be a rare trait in tech support) - by that, I mean that if she wasn't sure about an issue, she said she wanted to verify the approach before going forward. I felt that she cared about solving my problem and wasn't just trying to rush through. She made sure that I understood the solution. I felt she was my partner in solving my challenge and in fact getting everything working better than it had been before the crash. While she may have been using a script, she never made me feel that. She also did a great, very subtle job of introducing me to other Companion Link products to consider.