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CompanionLink for Google - Jan 8, 2016
- By John L.
You did a most excellent job!
Technical Support - Jan 6, 2016
Thank you very much for your expert help. | By Lawrence Q.
Thank you again for your assistance and thank you for the great product that "Companion Link" is. I have told many others of this software and I hope

they have had the good sense to purchase and use it.
Technical Support - Dec 29, 2015
- By Oshman B.
I would like to thanks a lot to the lady that spoke with me today and solved my problem. Sorry that I forgotten her name. She was the best ever I spoke with technical support unit. She was polite, patient and professional. You are lucky to have such an employee.
Technical Support - Dec 28, 2015
- By Bill S.
I had a very serious problem: My ACT! database was corrupted. The data in my phone was OK. I had tried to transfer the data on my own to no avail. I use ACT! more than any other program except perhaps my email program. The problem was huge.

Mikail was super. He was knowledgeable and patient and did everything that was necessary to get my problem solved. It took a while but he stuck with me until all was done.

Thank you for having someone like Mikail available. I really appreciate it.
Technical Support - Dec 10, 2015
CompanionLink/Deja Office | By Wayne H.
Thanks again for all of your help and providing such a great tool in Companion Link/Deja Office. It allows us to make our phones much more valuable to us. As long time Palm Pilot users we were thrilled when we found your products several years ago. You do a great job of keeping it up-to-date and working for an amazing amount of platforms
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 3, 2015
- By Linda K.
Just wanted to give you folks some positive feedback. The current build of CompanionLink seems to be working really well!

Just wanted to give you folks some positive feedback. The current build of CompanionLink seems to be working really well!

Technical Support - Nov 25, 2015
Customer Service | By Joseph B.
Again, it’s really a gratifying experience to have someone solve a problem with the necessary knowledge of the product and the applied skills to solve problems. If it means anything to you, since our outage was over nearly 6 days, I’ve had to work with Comcast, Microsoft, and several other product providers to solve problems/breakdowns…some free (though I’d take a charge IF the service didn’t involve 20 menus, up to an hour of waiting time, and shuttles from one rep to another) and some free. In comparison, your service was exceptional and, as I have always done, I just believe in recognizing superior performances by just making the point…and saying “Thanks, again!”
CompanionLink for Google - Nov 24, 2015
- By Joseph B.
CompanionLink for Google - Nov 19, 2015
Great support staff ... | By Craig L.
Your customer support team is awesome. I rarely recognize good service - I expect it - but your company went above and beyond with excellent customer support. And I would like to give specific recognition to Thomas M., who got my CompanionLink sync working, as well as to Mikael W. who worked on it the day before.

Going into 2016 I demand that my business tools all work flawlessly and Thomas M. left me assured that my Companion Link would be a safe, secure, and dependable tool that would always be there effectively working in the backround without my constant attention.
Technical Support - Nov 19, 2015
Great Service by Thomas! | By Bud V.
I have used Companionlink for some time and found it very valuable. Updating my computer recently I lost the functionality and missed it. This afternoon Thomas was able to take me smoothly and efficiently through the steps to get it fully functioning again. I very much appreciate the fine service.