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Technical Support - Aug 27, 2018
Commitment to support | By Joslyn B
My complements to Matt and the support team for helping me through a frustration sync issue.
CompanionLink Express - Aug 23, 2018
Express | By Alan
I am as happy as I was when I first started using companion link, good product, thank you
DejaCloud - Aug 7, 2018
iphone sync | By Steve W
This product is very useful and convenient. As an outside sales person, I have everything that I need on a daily basis in my phone before I get into my car.

I even copy some important information into my calendar from customer's email into the notes section of my appointment. Prior to the meeting, I can review the information and appear to be "on top" of my game. Thanks!
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 24, 2018
I've used this ap for years | By Wyatt C
The synch is pretty much flawless. I had to learn a VERY little about the options to get it to act like Franklin Covey. If you use that system of planning your day you have to get this ap.
DejaCloud - Jul 21, 2018
yoursolution works well. | By Encrico A.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 17, 2018
Refreshingly as advertised, and then some | By BLB
I've been a customer for about 1 week now. I have over 9,000 appointments in calendar and I have about 500 contacts. When I had trouble loading the product, I was able to get live assitance and the technician was very knowledgeable and patient. When I encounted hiccups afterwards, I found their website easy to navigate for solutions. I did not think businesses like this were around anymore .... I feel good about this purchase and it is just what I needed.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 12, 2018
Great Product and Wonderful Support | By Carolyn S.
I have been a CompanionLink for Outlook customer for 6 years and through this time have had multiple new laptops, phones, Outlook versions and wifi connections. I use CompanionLink for Outlook for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts/People and Memos/Notes and my entire "life" is seamlessly synched through my devices, currently a Samsung Galaxy Book and S9 phone. From time to time there are glitches (some my fault!) but the support has always been wonderful even with the time challenge of being on opposite sides of the world and me not being too "techy". The team are also very receptive to suggestions. Thank you for the great product and wonderful support.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 20, 2018
CompanionLink for Outlook | By Oneda P.
I have been using Outlook for email for years. I had to change email providers recently because they removed the calendar application which I’m just as dependent on. I spent a long time knthe internet trying to find a way to synchronize the IMAP account with Outlook for contacts and calendars. I followed all the tips provided to no avail and felt so “disconnected” and unorganized. Finally I landed upon CompanionLink for Outlook. It is so reasonably priced I thought it was worth trying. Well am I ever glad I did! It immediately synched everything and does every time I make an update either by phone/internet or Outlook. My life is in synch now and I’m so grateful!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 8, 2018
Great Support | By Ron B
I was having difficulty setting up CompanionLink on a 2nd PC and tried reaching technical support by phone, which is nearly impossible due to the extended wait times. I reverted to submitting the problem by email.

After exchanging a couple of emails suggesting possible fixes to setting up, the support rep (Thomas) suggested setting up a phone call and he took control of my PC. The problem was quickly identified and fixed.

Turns out that it was me who had made the error which I should have figured out in the first place.

Great support when you make the right connection. Excellent product ... I have been using it for 4 years and have had only a couple of issues which have been corrected quickly.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 6, 2018
Excellent support! | By George M
I have used Companionlink for Outlook for a number of years. I have had occasional problems with it - sometimes my finger trouble - and each time the problem was solved by Companionlink support, quickly and effectively. I wish other software companies had such great support.