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CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 24, 2020
Can't get the sync to work | By Benjamin H
Got a new PC with Win 10 and downloaded CompanionLink Build 9020. Sync worked at first, then did not work. After working with me, Conley was able to diagnose the problem and explain how to fix it. The fix worked perfectly. Much thanks to Conley and to CompanionLink for their presence and help. A great company!
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 17, 2020
Most Excellent Support & Primo Follow-Up | By Larry Hanley
Conley Rocks! I had a couple DejaOffice issues that were important to me but I'm sure were quite tedious for CompanionLink.

Conley hung in there with me - involved the developers (who also Rock!) - and wrote code to fix my issues.

What other firm does this for you? No One!

Thanks again for all your help.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 17, 2020
Android switch to -> iPhone, MS Outlook sync | By Peter H.
Renee was not only fast, but repeatedly checked in with me! She even elevated me to another tech (Conley) and I now had TWO experienced technicians walking me through some really complicated settings and interfaces. I ended up learning a TON about the product and successfully syncing my phone (two different ways: WiFi and USB link). All the while they were patient and attendant. Really appreciate it.

A phone without contacts is pretty much a brick! In fact my most recent eMail exchange with her went like this

"> Bottom line up front: it worked!
> I followed your directions, synced the phone, and all the duplicates disappeared. I did all this while the Apple folks at the genius bar were consulting on the fact that they couldn't support tech support for a third-party app. I told them, "that's okay, the tech support from them was phenomenal, " and was happy to report by the time they came back that the problem was solved!

> Thanks again for all the help, you were the primary reason the trip to the flagship Apple store was a success."
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 14, 2020
Excellent Product and Service | By Fred P.
I've been using CompanionLink for years with no problems. Now, in upgrading my computer and smartphone I ran into a ton of snags. Renee listened, knew just what to do and we got it fixed. Problem solved. Thank you.
CompanionLink Express - Feb 12, 2020
Outstanding Technical Support | By Jerome Novotny
I have called tech support countless time in the past - I am sole practitioner CPA Controller not a IT technician.

Today, I was extremely lucky to have Thomas at Companion-Link be assigned to my ticket that had been outstanding for some time.

He was patient and precise. Thomas took time to direct me as well explain what he was doing. He even did some trouble shooing and suggested that I sync using USB port and not the old method of WiFi sync. This recommendation turned out to be a perfect idea saving me significant time when doing the sync!

Not one technician in over 15 years being a customer ever matched his quality of customer service and phone patience! The company should give this technical pro a bonus and/or promote him to teach other technicians.

In summary, Thomas is a most wonderful ambassador for your company!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 10, 2020
Wow! This is how tech support should be. | By John B
I've called tech support countless times as an IT professional over 34+ years and this time I was lucky enough to get Renee at CompanionLink.

She was helpful, efficient, effective and thoroughly pleasant to work with.

Not one technician in every 100 calls over my career ever matched her quality of customer service. Someone should give that lady a promotion.

PS And I love CompanionLink for Outlook, having used it for years. Plan to use it for years more, especially with support like Renee's.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 9, 2020
OMG! How GREAT is This Service?! | By HH L.
Take a LOOK at these responses:

"To ensure I am understanding correctly..."


"Let's get to the bottom of this for you!"

Each message written with such good cheer and verve - can't sufficiently express how well Renee did helping me!!

Mapping the multiple variables of Outlook - could there be HUNDREDS of little switches?! - not to mention the added layer of Android, COMBINED with the number of different ways you can connect - I went with Bluetooth in the end, disbling Bluetooth visibility on my PC and Phone (hint for PC users - you need to CLOSE the Bluetooth settings or , even when set to hide, it will still be visible unless the Win Settings window for Bluetooth is actually shut)…

To map all of this into a beautiful interface that acts just like Outlook on your Android phone...well, to do all that you'd need to be thinking in four or five different planes.

And, get panicked people - "My data!" - writing in from time zones around the world. Paid customers. Wow...MORE than a challenge.

But, I've got to tell you, Companionlink does the job. And, in helping you get onboard, professionals like RENEE make all the difference.

Thank you Companionlink, and thank you Renee.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 5, 2020
SERVICE | By Carole K
The Service is the BEST! I had a glitch and was assisted until I was able to understand and then it all fell into place.

When using Outlook this is the best way to link my laptop to my android Samsung cell!
DejaCloud - Feb 5, 2020
Renee C. | By Brian L.
I got new computers and my Android phone was having problems syncing with the new computer. After finally getting the syncing issues fixed Renee was able to get all of my other questions answered in setting up the phone and computer to work the way I wanted. At least that is so far. We'll see with time how everything works. Thanks Renee.
DejaCloud - Feb 3, 2020
Renee C. did it ! | By Marla M
My syncing was only working one way. My android was not syncing to my Outlook. With only a few questions, Renee C was able to fix it and upgraded me as well.